Holy Grove – Holy Grove II

 Every now and then, we see a real bomb of an album that gets drop that it feels like the entire fucking community corals around instantly around it only to bring more people it claiming it to be some of the best stuff ever. Us who frequent Bandcamp can see this every time a select few bands drop an album and that tops the charts for days if not weeks. But only two years ago, Holy Grove dropped their debut album to grand acclaim. I missed that, somehow, but it’s with the sequel that I refuse to miss out again, and I firmly believe this has just as much grounds for praise as its predecessor.

One of the things that really helped Holy Grove become the bombshell that they became with their debut was how well they were able to bring together the worlds of heavy, psych, doom, and stoner rock as well as metal to bring to us a sound that we’ve all seen flavors of in so many different bands in similar veins, but Holy Grove managed to find the magic combination in such a way that made people simply flock to their sound. With “Holy Grove II”, this quartet somehow improved that and even threw in a very tasteful amongst of progressive nature into the mix that gives these five tracks a hell of a lot of life. There isn’t much about what Holy Grove does here that I would consider new stylistically, but that doesn’t make it any less impactful as what they bring to the table is heavy, it’s catchy, and it doesn’t play around. Holy Grove absolutely smashes with this record in every way as we’re continuously treated to fucking tantalizing riffs combined with fantastic vocals that know just where to hit that is then backed up by a grand sense of musicianship that permeates the entirety of “Holy Grove II”. All five tracks feel like one continuous journey through every glorious set from the teeming forest in the morning with fresh dew still in the moss to the brilliant display of lights throughout the cosmos as Holy Grove can instantly transition from one to the other in beautiful and exemplary fashion that feels all but incredibly natural.

Not many bands of this style can manage to do this sort of thing on only their sophomore effort, but it’s with “Holy Grove II” that we see this quartet grow into an entirely different caliber to become what I’d easily consider one of the bands of this style that are not to be fucked with. Their power is undeniable, their sound irresistible, and their presence is satisfying to no end and Holy Grove knew that as they closed out this truly magnificent record.

“Holy Grove II” releases on November 9th via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Holy Grove II” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Holy Grove on Facebook here.

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