Sol – Before We Disappear

 The last time I saw a band take atmospheric doom metal to great lengths was Ommadon with their extreme take on that idea, and before that, it was Soothsayer back in 2015 with their delicious EP. Two examples over the course of almost three years feel like there should be so much more I should be experiencing. Tonight, I was determined to find some atmospheric doom that really hits home, hits hard, and emphasizes the atmosphere to an eleven. Luckily, my first search with Sol’s brand new album was one hell of a find.

A lot of times, many of us see the word atmospheric tacked onto whatever style like doom or black metal and expect the band in question to have a solid contrast between the atmosphere and the actual metal. Yet, Sol doesn’t take that route with these six tracks. Usually, it’s the metal that would take the vast majority of the spotlight, but it’s with “Before We Disappear” that we see the atmospheric elements become the real focus with the doom elements bringing special enhancements and emphasis to the haunting feel that permeates the entire record. You never know what to expect next either as Sol can easily and instantly switch from a hypnotic rhythm of pure noise that pulls you in slowly, a truly haunting display that immediately gets underneath your skin to only spread like a poison throughout your body, and even an equally impactful array of church chanting paired with a church organ set to a dreary backdrop that really knows how to hit home. Bring all that together with splendid guitar work, the occasional inclusion different instruments like violin and cello, and then impeccable musicianship on top of all that and “Before We Disappear” is an absolute mammoth of a record that needs more than two listens to fully digest as there’s so much happening and so many amazing bits to eat right up that it’s impossible to get them all on the first pass.

I always find it extremely fun to see what new madness the underground manages to throw my way, and Sol is no exception as with his fourteen release this guy shows us that he still has plenty of energy left in him and he’s not showing any signs of stopping with the mammoth release that is “Before We Disappear” that slays from top to bottom.

LISTEN to “Before We Disappear” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sol on Facebook here.

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