Mongol – The Return

 Most of the time, you’ll find me in a folk metal drought as even though I love the style up and down I find myself being incredibly picky with it against my better judgment. Yet, despite that, I’ve been hearing a hell of a lot of solid folk metal in just the past month that I just can’t get over because it’s all true to the style while still allowing the band’s to make their own marks in their special ways. With Mongol, just about everything’s on the table while almost always keeping the blood flowing as fast as possible.

The thing that I look forward to more than anything with folk metal is the folk instrumentation. For me, it really drives home the core feel of the style itself and helps the genre stand incredibly proud on its own even if that’s the only great thing about what’s on the table. I could always go for some melody for an extra kick but I’ve seen plenty of success without being overly melodic, but Mongol manages to take a very nice amount of melody while dumping it over an absolute plethora of folk instrumentation to make their brand new album, “The Return”, one of the premier folk metal records to experience before the end of the year! Just about everything that’s going on with “The Return” is everything fans of the style can get behind in throngs as we’re treated to an ensemble collection that’s incredibly powerful, beautiful at times, but always an energetic trip that doesn’t shy away from changing things up. Intense vocals, the occasional anthem, expertly placed melody to really grab you by the nads, folk instrumentation that’s the most intoxicating I’ve seen since both Whispered and Downfall of Nur which is extremely welcomed for me, and a sound that really knows how to pull you in as by the time you grind to a halt at the end of “The Return” you’ll be scrambling to go through this epic journey yet again just like I’ve been doing for fucking hours.

The world of folk metal is one that’s been treating me very well recently as I said, but it’s with “The Return” that I know the style is being extremely generous for people like me as this record is so much of what I’ve been craving. Sure, the lack of bits that are purely made of the folk instrumentation leaves me wanting more just a bit, but Mongol does an absolutely beautiful job with this effort and I cannot help but go back through their entire catalog to see what I’ve been missing out on for fucking years.

LISTEN to “The Return” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mongol on Facebook here.

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