Kåabalh – s/t

 The art of death metal is something that’s not incredibly difficult to imagine as there are so many different influences and acts to draw from with just about every imaginable template available to you ripe for copying or tweaking. But that doesn’t stop many bands from still trying their hand at creating a sound that’s all sorts of familiar but still unique that’s not just a lazy rip of whoever. Kåabalh is a beautiful example of that, and with their eponymous debut, they give to us a filthy take on death metal that we can always use more of.

It’s probably been Morbid Messiah, Under the Church, and Triumvir Foul that has been the only recent death metal bands like this that have really gotten my attention over the last year as bringing straight-up filthy death metal that knows no bounds is actually difficult to end up sounding well and nothing just a mess. The implementation of subtle riffs along with keeping everything interesting from switching things up so nothing gets stale while also knowing the proper dosage of power is all but key, and that’s what Kåabalh absolutely excels at with their debut. There’s nothing nice about what Kåabalh does here that’s easy to digest unless you’re actively searching for something that takes no survivors but isn’t just a real mess of noise that some bands become. Throughout these six nasty tracks, we’re treated to plenty of riffs that grabs the attention real nice and tight only to tighten the grip as each song progresses like a dagger across the skin; slow, grueling, and in exquisite detail. This is the exact kind of death metal that we can always use more of, and Kåabalh provides it beautifully on a silver platter.

While there’s still plenty of room to be made with this debut, it’s still massively enjoyable from top to bottom as Kåabalh slays everything in sight at every turn. Should there be a collection of promising debuts that death metal has given us this year, this record should undoubtedly be on that list.

“Kåabalh” releases on October 26th via Dolorem Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Kåabalh” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kåabalh on Facebook here.


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