Outer Heaven – Realms of Eternal Decay

 Extreme metal as a whole is something that has continued to evolve from one generation to the next as each proceeding generation of budding metalheads always tries to make things bigger and better than before. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but we’re always shocked and amazed when some seemingly random band comes out of nowhere to show us a new brand of extreme metal that we were craving. The latest case results in Outer Heaven, whose vile brand of evil is all but tantalizing.

If you manage to tear your eyes away from that fabulously vicious cover art, the real feast isn’t with your eyes but with your ears as Outer Heaven delivers to us death metal the likes of which we’ve all heard before but in every way is elevated to a high tier of quality with “Realms of Eternal Decay”. Whereas many other bands like this will use riffs or even combining the style with doom or black metal for an extra pack to their punch, Outer Heaven simply cranks the intensity up to a million and allows this debut to simply happen as these ten tracks stretched across over thirty minutes is a downright slaughter. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that Outer Heaven still implements rhythm, though, as throughout “Realms of Eternal Decay” we’re greeted by smashing riffs subtlely implemented to only further the decaying process that claws away at our brains while simultaneously making us fall into the trance of Outer Heaven even more. And with each successive listen there’s, even more, to enjoy from “Realms of Eternal Decay” as Outer Heaven takes every possible advantage to bring the heaviness to a new level that ultimately makes this record one of the heaviest and most brutal experiences we’ve gotten all year. It’s a piece that never stops giving through intensity and gore, and it’s the sort of thing we almost always clamor for.

There were few albums that I was more interested in than this when it comes to death metal at this point in the year. I say that because while this year has been yet another solid and well-rounded year for metal, it’s around autumn that a lot of bands make their move to drop truly massive records, and Outer Heaven is a brilliant example of that. From top to bottom, “Realms of Eternal Decay” is a massive album that demands your attention and will do nothing but deliver the moment it’s released upon the world.

“Realms of Eternal Decay” releases on October 12th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Realms of Eternal Decay” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Outer Heaven on Facebook here.

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