Marrasmieli – s/t

 The majesty and mysticism of the forest is something that I feel a lot of us can lose ourselves in simply because of how wondrous and alluring it can be without even trying sometimes. It’s been well over a year since I got the last really solid piece of that happy middle ground where black and folk metal play to make something truly interesting. As if to save me from that lack of excellence, Marrasmieli has arrived with their debut EP that’s plenty of what I’ve been needing.

I find it to be incredibly important for any pagan black metal act to keep a firm grip on their spiritual link to the forest (unless they’re not going for that in which case, fair enough) because it allows us as listeners to feel much more entranced in whatever the band in question is going for. In the case of Marrasmieli, it’s like a trip through a snow-laden Finnish forest dead in the middle of winter. There are but two tracks to this self-titled debut, but they do no less than set the bar quite high for anything Marrasmieli will release in the future. While it’s the black metal that’s very much in the foreground throughout this EP, Marrasmieli don’t shy away one bit from invoking the very spirits of nature through brilliant instruments that really know right where to strike for the proper feels to show us that Marrasmieli really knows how to bring us quality pagan metal at the drop of a hat. What ensues is an extremely well-balanced listen from the intense black metal that we’ve all come to expect from all of Scandinavia long ago, and paired with the beautiful mastery over the use of introducing folk and pagan elements bring in so many fantastic layers that make this EP engaging to no end as well as increasingly intoxicating with each listen.

Every so often, I find myself looking for anything from the folk and/or pagan veins of metal simply because I get a real kick out of the style, and when it’s done even half decently I can’t help but rave about what I’m listening to. Yet, so many releases fall a little flat and leave basically no impression, but it’s Marrasmieli that does the exact opposite. This EP is all but extremely promising from top to bottom across all 20 minutes, and I truly can’t see anything else other than greatness coming from this talented trio.

LISTEN to “Marrasmieli” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Marrasmieli on Facebook here.


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