Windhand – Eternal Return

 It’s so often that many of us throw the word legendary around with bands that the vast majority of the time began in the previous century, and I can understand why as they’ve wormed their way into the integral cores of so many different styles. But, some of us are looking to more recent acts that bring what the classic acts do as well, but just as awesome if not more so. For doom, no better example of that can be seen elsewhere than Windhand who has captured the hearts of many, and it’s with the upcoming album they seek to further cement their cult status.

Albums like “Soma” and “Grief’s Infernal Flower” helped Windhand mature into the band that they’ve become. It’s not hard to see and hear that Windhand worship the current greats of doom with their sound and rhythms that they still manage to claim as their own as they’ve proven time and again that they can create something original in today’s scene. And while their sound has become arguably lighter ever so slightly from album to album, the quality has yet to wane and we see that in full force with “Eternal Return” being a fuzzy, riff-filled, and entertaining trip that we can just fall into gleefully. I’d be overexaggerating if I said that “Eternal Return” was trying something new for either Windhand or doom as a whole simply because it’s overflowing with tropes that have become part of what some circles of doom revolve around. But there’s one thing about that: Windhand actually does these tropes justice. Where so many bands could drown the riffs in fuzz and call it good, Windhand schools us one track after another as “Eternal Return” chugs on and on in the highest possible fashion. Anyone who can get behind some fuzz, brilliant vocals that never let down, riffs that keep us enthralled the whole time, and the signature high quality that we’ve come to expect from Windhand then there’s virtually nothing to not love about “Eternal Return”!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a magnificent tour de force of classic doom yet again brought to the modern world in no less but the most splendid fashion, and it doesn’t take much to see that Windhand pulled out all the stops to make this record one of their most intoxicating. “Eternal Return” is something that will undoubtedly grip the doom metal community tight without signs of letting going for years and years, and this is sure to only make Windhand even more of a modern legend.

“Eternal Return” releases on October 5th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Eternal Return” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Windhand on Twitter: @windhandva

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