Acts of Swine – Sadistically Speaking

 Something I’ve noticed in both the underground of death and black metal is that a lot of the newer acts that have come out in recent years have a deep-seeded and very understandable adoration of the old school of their respective style’s golden age. Thus, it feels like every other band of the style coming out only does material that honors if not flat out copies old school material, and while it can work, I want to see acts take their love for it and make it into something that’s at least slightly modern. As if to answer my call for that, Acts of Swine busts in with their outrageous debut.

Initially, Acts of Swine hit me as just a little too much for my taste as this American duo channels the most guttural and gore-drenched death metal straight out of the 90s the kind I’ve always been drawn to but have almost never really been able to cling onto. Yet, after a few chances, I grew to really enjoy what Acts of Swine went for on this assault of ten tracks. “Sadistically Speaking” takes old school death metal while still making it all feel new and not just some shameless copy of Cannibal Corpse or Obituary to where many of us might immediately dismiss the material. Acts of Swine refuses to even think about holding back with this debut as every single song is a pure murderous romp that stabs with ease and kills with joy to make “Sadistically Speaking” an impulsive and constantly engaging listen that death metal fanatics can eat right up. The whole of this album maintains the same basic sound that Acts of Swine pulls off with devious expertise, but never once do the same experience twice as these guys already know with their first album how to create death metal that’s not only interesting and fun to listen to, but impressive right off the bat.

If only one thing is to be said about “Sadistically Speaking” it’s that it acts from its first note that Acts of Swine is the new band in town that is not to be fucked with, not to be underestimated, and one that shouldn’t be ignored even for a minute. Of all the seemingly random death metal albums that have been tossed my way this year, “Sadistically Speaking” is easily one of the more surprising ones.

LISTEN to “Sadistically Speaking” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Acts of Swine on Facebook here.


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