Sorcier Des Glaces – s/t

 Out of all the bands that adorn the atmospheric black metal fields on Bandcamp, a name that comes up often is Sorcier Des Glaces and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t familiar with them. It’s been a real joy to have heard the entire discography of this Canadian act to where I’m confident in saying that this band is glorious from top to bottom but simply don’t get as much recognition as other acts of the style. I’ve wondered when that would change, and it’s with their seventh album that I think we have the answer to that question.

I’ve always associated Sorcier Des Glaces with a cold winter that’s both intense but calming at the same time. It’s not a terribly difficult thing to accomplish with atmospheric black metal, but Sorcier Des Glaces has honed their sound to a razor’s edge at this point to where they’ve practically got it down to a science. It’s been two years since they made some of my favorite material of the style in the form of the ever-classy Ende with “Le Puits des Morts”, but ever since then, it’s been near silence. And like a blast of ice straight from the north, Sorcier Des Glaces returns with an eponymous album practically out of nowhere, and as if catering to a madman like myself the whole of the record consists of one mammoth 50-minute song! This record is nothing that you can just pick up later after listening to a few minutes – no! The proper way to experience this epic is to hear it all in one go as that’s clearly the way it was intended to be heard and it truly pays off. By the end, you’ve been able to witness what’s easily the literal finest hour from this band as they take bits and pieces of what makes them so great and such a longlasting favorite for so long. Sorcier Des Glaces treats us to nearly an hour of immersive black metal that encapsulates the Canadian winter better than any other band while being carried by the occasional riff, terrific vocals, and an impeccable sense of musicianship that very few underground acts can even touch.

There’s virtually no flaw to be had with Sorcier Des Glaces as their eponymous record is everything they’ve ever done, wrote, and represented rolled into an absolutely tantalizing 50-minute record the likes of which I never would’ve seen coming from this act despite the clear talent that’s been on full display for years. Some people believe that seven is a lucky number, and I truly do hope that applies to Sorcier Des Glaces as this is without a doubt their crowning achievement, and I sincerely hope that this record brings them the level of recognition they deserve.

LISTEN to “Sorcier Des Glaces” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sorcier Des Glaces on Facebook here.

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