Kingnomad – The Great Nothing

 A really special style that has been around for decades but has made one hell of a comeback with modern listeners is the glorious world of heavy psych. Those two words cover a lot of ground as that could range anywhere from instrumental rock to psychedelic doom metal. But what I find all the more interesting is how some bands can take the entire scope of the style as a whole and tastefully cram it all into a single experience for us to enjoy. Kingnomad delivered with their acclaimed debut, but it’s with this record that they do nothing but impress.

A trip back to the 70s is something that many of us can get behind as that’s still where many psych bands from all over the world continue to draw influence from which has led to countless fuzzy experiences. And I remember checking out Kingnomad’s debut album and being quite interested, but I never went back to it for no real reason. A few months have passed since “The Great Nothing” was released and until today it went completely under my radar, and there was no way I was going to let it pass me by. I’m so happy and thankful that Bandcamp pointed me in the direction of this interstellar journey as it’s everything I could’ve hoped for from Kingnomad and it’s but their sophomore effort. Rife with groovy riffs narrated by soothing vocals and drenched in top-notch psychedelia, there’s very little ground of heavy psych that “The Great Nothing” doesn’t conquer with utmost ease as all six tracks stretch across over 40 minutes masterfully in such a way that puts so many other acts to shame instantly by the first riff. Kingnomad truly knocked it out of the park with this album as every minute brings us something new, something tasty, and something to go crazy over for the entirety of “The Great Nothing” from start to finish.

Incredibly few bands have been able to manage albums like this in years past, but Kingnomad makes it look easy. Should you want a trip across the galactic fields there is simply no better tour guide than Kingnomad, and “The Great Nothing” is the biggest highlight of them all. It’s the record that just keeps on giving every single minute and it’s easily one of the most enjoyable psychedelic experiences I’ve ever had.

LISTEN to “The Great Nothing” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kingnomad on Facebook here.

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