Chaos Over Cosmos – The Unknown Voyage

 The very simple task of broadening one’s musical horizons is something that I live for when it comes to metal. Trying to new things and hearing new styles is something that really helps me fall asleep at night then to get up in the morning. I’m no stranger to progressive metal, but it’s one of those styles that I’ve only really dipped my toe into in all of its grandeur. There are many acts that come out but few manage to stick out to me, and Chaos Over Cosmos is easily one of them.

It appears that the real trendy thing to do in the more progressive and technical sections of the metal world that in order to be good you need to have instrumentation whose scale can only be described as a kaleidoscope vomiting. Not to so it’s always bad, but it feels like a mess at times and I simply wish some bands would just hold back to a tasteful degree. Chaos Over Cosmos clearly understands that as their debut album is restrained yet a fantastic show the likes of which only progressive metal could give us, and the five tracks of “The Unknown Voyage” gives us heaps of it. A debut is always a great way for a band to show what kind of attitude they have right up front along with their influences and to just have a good time. “The Unknown Voyage” is an absolute trip to listen to as Chaos Over Cosmos gives us a vast array of fantastic progressive tastiness be it in the form of a Xenogears-inspired track or a classy instrumental to close out the album. And given the sheer length of the tracks, there’s plenty of material to sift through with “The Unknown Voyage”, and Chaos Over Cosmos knows just how to deliver. Sure, there’s room for improvement in plenty of areas, but overall I can’t find one single thing to really complain about as “The Unknown Voyage” is one of the things in progressive metal that I look for even though it’s still not my first, initial pick from the world of metal. Nonetheless, I’m impressed with this record.

Progressive metal will always have its ups and downs for me more so than many other styles, but it’s with Chaos Over Cosmos that I’m at a definite peak of quality as these Polish gents create something worth hearing from beginning to end without interruption. “The Unknown Voyage” is about as good a debut as we could ask for, and I have no doubt that Chaos Over Cosmos will only go up from here.

LISTEN to “The Unknown Voyage” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chaos Over Cosmos on Facebook here.

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