Un – Sentiment

 Sifting through the small yet menacing realm of funeral doom metal has become a real treat for me as I love to come crawling back to the style to see what else it has in store for me, even though I’m still incredibly new to it. Bell Witch last year astounded me and a good chunk of the entire metal world so the flame for funeral doom has seemingly never been stronger. And as if to purposefully strike while the iron is hot, Un finally returns with the follow-up to their crushing debut, and it’s everything we could’ve asked for.

The single most important thing that I find more interesting about funeral doom other than the ungodly lengths of songs is how heavy everything is. Funeral doom never fails to deliver with uncompromising heaviness in any way whatsoever, and it was with Un that I got my first helping of it that I could honestly say I truly enjoyed. “The Tomb of All Things” brought introduced me to a style I never thought I could enjoy at the time, and years later it’s with “Sentiment” that Un has raised the bar crazy high and shows us just how talented they are. A scant four tracks mean nothing in the world of funeral doom, and Un only continues that trend as these songs stretch over a staggering 53-minute expanse whose detail and grandeur can only be matched by a grand painting on a cathedral ceiling. “Sentiment” has everything we could come to expect from the style, but Un uses each opportunity given to them to show how much they’ve grown as musicians be it incorporating a beautiful new set of vocals, massive riffage coupled by the occasional increase in speed, expertly executed melody uses to maximum effect and much more than many bands that take several albums to achieve. Yet, Un somehow does it in just a few years. If that all somehow doesn’t have you gripped then maybe the down to earth theme of having gratitude in spite of the strife of daily life. Where the great vast majority of metal bands choose to wander in darker territories for a theme, Un isn’t scared to brighten things up without letting it affect their delicious sound, and I think that makes them all the better for pulling it off so amazingly well.

The northwestern area of the United States has become home to many different, unique bands that don’t always fall perfectly into a certain style or push the boundaries of a style to even greater lengths. In my eyes, Un stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Bell Witch in pushing funeral doom to glorious new territories in two distinctly different directions. If last year’s funeral doom highlight was Bell Witch, then I firmly believe that Un deserves to be this year’s highlight for the style as “Sentiment” brings the style to brilliant new heights that I never would’ve imagined of beforehand.

“Sentiment” releases on September 28th via Translation Loss Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Sentiment” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Un on Facebook here.

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