Insineratehymn – A Moment In a Vision

 We live in an era of unprecedented underground quality, expanse, and diversity where it seems that there’s literally nothing that the underground of metal can’t dish out. Death metal may be one of the styles that sees the least amount of variation (in comparison to other styles like black or doom metal), yet the quality persists to a grand level that is truly ridiculous. With new bands, this is especially true, and Insineratehymn is a prime example of that and their debut record is all the proof you could need.

A solid way to make your death metal instantly appealing is to take an incredibly filthy and nasty approach to it all and make your death metal feel like it’s sludging through swamps, killing all who just look at it, and feeds off the flesh of its victims. Yet, like most music, that’s pretty difficult to pull off versus just saying it. Many bands have pulled it off so I’m not surprised to see Insineratehymn try their hand at it, but I’m more interested because they executed it incredibly well with the seven vicious offerings given to us with “A Moment In a Vision”. Where most bands rely on heavy riffage to make their death metal more appealing, Insineratehymn doesn’t go with such an approach and instead allows the impeccable musicianship, the guttural vocals, and the brilliant attitude to it all do the real talking as “A Moment In a Vision” churns up one corpse after another. It’s also a brilliant infusion of old school with new school as Insineratehymn seems to show their love for classic death metal right up front while at the same time not becoming stuck in the past and thus carve their own path with blood and guts the likes of which not many other bands are able to do with such devastation or tenacity.

With all the new bands that are constantly coming out and with all the potential talent that’s getting thrown around, it becomes quite the task to keep up with it all and find the pieces that are truly worth checking out. Insineratehymn is easily one of the acts that demand to be investigated and every single second of “A Moment In a Vision” is a reward for that in the most sadistically satisfying way imaginable.

“A Moment In a Vision” is be released on cassette on September 5th via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to an “advanced” track from “A Moment In a Vision” via Rotted Life on Bandcamp here, or the full album via YouTube below.

LIKE Insineratehymn on Facebook here.


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