Project: Wormhole – Time Beings

 Jazz has long been something that I’ve only really been able to appreciate in very small doses. I just simply can’t get into the style as a whole, but seeing its influences peppered throughout metal here and there definitely makes me wonder what would happen if a band brought the jazz elements up a little and just went to town. It’s been done numerous times, but it’s with Project: Wormhole that I’ve come across the best example of such a sound.

Right from that ridiculously colorful cover art, I knew that Project: Wormhole wasn’t going to take things slow with this record and I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Coming out of this jazz-infused approach to metal with a good bit of progressive elements for style and executed without a vocalist, I can easily say this is one of the more unique experiences that I’ve come across in all of metal simply because of how ridiculous that concept is on paper. Yet, “Time Beings” is a constant example of how to do such a niche sound splendidly by keeping things interesting for the listener as well as making sure that nothing gets too ridiculous when it comes to the band trying to top themselves one track after another. All ten of these tracks allow “Time Beings” to become fast, atmospheric, and downright intoxicating at times as Project: Wormhole continuously raises the stakes more as the album progresses. It makes for a truly electric rollercoaster with Project: Wormhole never treading the same territory twice and consistently allowing themselves to show how such a seemingly ridiculous style can be pulled off with utmost style and all the flavor in the world.

This album is right up there with Arkheth for being one of the more unorthodox bands that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year, and given that Project: Wormhole seems to be just starting out I’d be more than ecstatic to see where this energetic trio can take their style. “Time Beings” is an incredibly windy path that isn’t afraid to take a sharp swerve here and there to not only keep you on your toes but show you a new side of Project: Wormhole that no one could’ve seen coming.

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