Chaoshorde – Hordes Arising

 For whatever reason, I always think of thrash metal in Greece before any other country in the world. Acts like Suicidal Angels and Biotoxic Warfare truly grasped my attention for the scene there, and for years everytime I turn to the Greek thrash scene I’m rarely left without something worth mentioning. Once again, the Greeks have granted me some delicious thrash from a fresh act, and in almost every way Chaoshorde shows immense promise with this debut EP.

I’m usually one that doesn’t really expect much of anything from a debut of any kind from any band given how I usually have no idea in the slightest of what the band will sound like. All I ask is for a solid attempt and to come out feeling like the band tried to make something good, and Chaoshorde did more than just sound good with the four tracks given to us with “Hordes Arising”. While not really doing anything to shift up the formula or bring new elements to the table, Chaoshorde gives us a flavorful helping of blackened thrash metal that we’ve all likely heard before, but the moving components are done just right with “Hordes Arising” to make the EP feel organic and far from a cookie-cutter record. That’s something that’s a real challenge for the style if you ask me, but Chaoshorde pulls it off wondrously. Riffs galore and a vicious attitude that could rip out Satan’s throat, Chaoshorde doesn’t pull a single punch to allow this debut to really hit home. And with a tasteful underground feel to their material, there really isn’t much that can go wrong with “Hordes Arising” as these guys show us what they’re made of without holding back, and that makes these four tracks all the more tasteful.

It’s always nice to see bands like this in a style that can feel as one dimensional as blackened thrash can, and acts like Chaoshorde that always keep things interesting for those of us who love our high-octane madness like this. “Hordes Arising” shows plenty of promise to come from this brand new act, and I cannot help but suggest that we don’t let a band like this go unnoticed unless we want to lose it.

LISTEN to “Hordes Arising” via YouTube below or here.

LIKE Chaoshorde on Facebook here.

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