Satan’s Acolytes – The Horns

 More often than not, I turn to the wide reaches of black metal whenever I want to see some crispy Satanic metal brought to the table that I can just jam out to because fuck yes. However, Satan doesn’t only like black metal and sometimes likes to pick up a beer with a punk attitude. It’s not often that I come across a band that can embody such a concept, but the brand new act that is Satan’s Acolytes does it perfectly, and their debut EP is just one smashing track after another.

One of the things I’ve always appreciate about punk is its obvious no-fucks-given attitude about literally everything while then incorporating that into a sound that’s equal parts raw and unrelenting. Not many styles can do it so consistently, and Satan’s Acolytes makes bringing punk to the world of thrash just another miracle given to us by Satan himself for us to enjoy over and over again. Mixing together punk and thrash is far from anything close to new, but Satan’s Acolytes makes it feel fresh with the five tracks that make up “The Horns” being just the fresh air that I’ve been needing from the world of thrash. Albeit not even a 13-minute runtime, “The Horns” manages to do enough to show us that this band isn’t messing around for even a second as Satan’s Acolytes shows us that they have the capacity to make a scathing EP that knows just where to do the right riffs as well as knowing precisely when to smash the walls in with the massive vocals taking no prisoners and leading a riot straight out onto the streets in the name of Satan himself, and it’s incredibly intoxicating to boot! That’s something every album this style should be at the core, and “The Horns” does it wondrously!

The small yet bustling world of thrash-infused punk metal is something that continuously surprises me from one new act to the next, and Satan’s Acolytes is clearly the latest that I’ve come across that is no less than delicious. “The Horns” is a very simply record when you break it all down, but that’s what helps make it such a potent piece in the end as this debut gives us a taste of what excellence these Serbians are sure to deliver time and again to us in the future.

LISTEN to “The Horns” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Satan’s Acolytes on Facebook here.

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