Cosmic Autumn – s/t

 The constant search for quality atmospheric black metal can become quite tiresome at times with the oversaturation of the style being an absolutely monumental task to take on. Simply sifting through the records to find something you can enjoy is difficult enough without taking into account the number of albums from the style released this year alone. But, there is always a good one to be found, and tonight I stumbled across the debut from Cosmic Autumn which is almost everything I was looking for.

Typically whenever I look for a band that hails from the very large style of atmospheric black metal, I look for a band that has a lot of atmospheric elements to the table because that’s the name of the style. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards acts like Midnight Odyssey for that, but acts like Cosmic Autumn make a great case as well. With this debut, Cosmic Autumn delivers to us an experience that is far from anything that I could call unique given how it feels atmospheric black metal has run out of new material and topics to cover, but these five tracks make for a delicious listen that not many bands are able to match no matter what angle you look at them from. Right from the beginning, Cosmic Autumn doesn’t fuck around. We’re greeted with savage riffs molded with a transcendent atmosphere that’s expertly placed as well as executed masterfully to allow each strength to compliment the other. Continue that for all five tracks by combining that with stellar vocals and an all-around tremendous quality that plenty of one-man bands have been able to get a hold of, and Cosmic Autumn is clearly one of them. There’s been a severe lack of good black metal in my life lately, and this record definitely helps fill that void.

From start to finish, there is nothing I can point out and hate about what Cosmic Autumn has done here. It’s a tantalizing debut that promises many things and I’m more than interested to see what this guy can come up with. Along with Esoctrilihum, Cosmic Autumn is one of the black metal bands I’m keeping a close eye on from now on.

LISTEN to “Cosmic Autumn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cosmic Autumn on Facebook here.

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