Void Eater – III

 Death metal is, obviously, something that isn’t for the light-hearted with literally everything being an assault upon the sense. But like all styles of music, there are a few select acts that have the desire to really take things up a notch. With death metal, bands like Howls of Ebb and Tchornobog are constantly changing the landscape for those of us willing to go into the deeper and darker regions of the style. It’s there that Void Eater has made its home and the hole where yet another offering of pure chaos was begat.

At what point does death metal stop being music and become more of a pulsating mass that only knows how to consume light and spread its own darkness? That line can be very thin at times but everyone knows when they’ve crossed it, and I knew that was the exact case when I stumbled upon the third offering from Void Eater simply titled “III”. It’s very much a stretch to call these three-track helping “music” as it takes an incredible amount of liberties as this blistering take on death metal knows exactly how to lure the mind of the listener in before pummeling it into a fine red mist the likes of which there is no return from. Should anyone be familiar with the excellence that is Triumvir Foul, take that then make it so much more chaotic and with somehow even less form in the overall making. That’s “III” in a real nutshell, and it works all too well. It’s still not exactly my cup of tea, but there’s something so alluring and intriguing about what Void Eater does here that makes this surreal offering delicious is a very different way. And where some form or even some kind of structure to any of it would be nice, Void Eater strategically places new twists and turns to keep your attention while also keeping you guessing continuously as to just what could be coming next.

Not many bands are able to constantly keep the audience guessing as to what’s coming next while then managing to deliver with one awesome surprise after another, but Void Eater definitely fits the criteria. “III” is an intimidating mass that isn’t to be underestimated, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this shadowy act as he continues to dish out one offering from the abyss after another.

LISTEN to “III” on Bandcamp here.

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