Heads for the Dead – Serpent’s Curse

 There are many times that I go into a death metal record and end up just feeling so… bored. It’s something that I genuinely don’t enjoy given how much I love some good death metal, but every now and then you get the feeling that not many bands are trying to keep things fresh and interesting while still maintaining the classic tropes. That’s when bands like Heads for the Dead rise out of nowhere and astound us with a fiery set of death metal the likes of which we’re always craving.

Sometimes we’re given a band that draws inspiration from the most unlikely of places where we see the embodiment of classic Kaiju movies, pirates, samurai, and even a fucking Simpsons character in metal with many people coming around and liking what’s being done. Yet, bands like Heads for the Dead don’t really need to really on any one specific gimmick to help propel their music and the debut album forward by any means. The whole of “Serpent’s Curse” takes notes from old horror movies but the rest of the formula is completely their own as we’re treated to a truly menacing and heinous display of death metal that we simply don’t get often. With the likes of raw talent from Revel in Flesh, Wombbath, and Ursinne, there isn’t much that Heads for the Dead didn’t do amazingly well with “Serpent’s Curse” being the damn near epitome of what a debut album can become. From the intense beginning to the incredibly tasteful end to the constant ferocity that refuses to let up, every track from this masterwork sucks you in and puts every one of your cells through an amazing experience that is the embodiment of what so many of us death metal fans have been salivating for oh so long! “Serpent’s Curse” has got it all from vicious, unrelenting vocals, riffs for days that don’t know how to quit, and an attitude that is perfect for everything that Heads for the Dead is going for here.

The few times that a smashing debut comes around, I always make a point to say how astounding it is and the potential the band has, but Heads for the Dead has made that reaches a whole new level. We already knew of the talent behind this group before, but it’s in the form of Heads for the Dead and the execution of “Serpent’s Curse” that makes everything here such an absolute treat to enjoy time after time.

“Serpent’s Curse” releases on September 24th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Serpent’s Curse” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Heads for the Dead on Facebook here.

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