Promethean Misery – Tied Up With Strings

 Typically, whenever I’m thinking about the real center of innovation in the world of metal, which in itself is the definition of innovation for music, I look towards the ever-growing expanse that black metal covers. Yet, today my gaze and fascination has shifted once again to doom metal where innovation is certainly active, but it’s not as rampant as black metal. But bands like Promethean Misery always keep us on our toes at every turn, and this upcoming record is the sort of thing we never knew we needed.

With a band name like that and such an evocative cover art, you should honestly be expecting a melancholic theme to wrap around the entirety of the record like a boa constrictor. But what’s something that can take you to a level that really kicks the melancholy up a bit? Distorted violins executed with laser precision pulled off with masterful execution? That’ll do it! It’s that very premise that has led the one-woman act of Promethean Misery to become one of the more intriguing bands of the doom underground despite not having that big of a discography, but she is slowly working on that as the release of “Tied Up With Strings” draws near in all of its beautiful darkness. Should you want doom metal that elicits a deadly depressive atmosphere while at the same time display top-tier levels of quality as Promethean Misery throws down one excellent track after another, then this record is catered just for you and me. “Tied Up With Strings” impresses at every turn with a truly unique approach and heaviness abound that, literally, no other band can lay a finger on, and then top all that off with the beautiful vocals and glorious instrumentation to elevate this record to something else entirely. That’s a wholly daunting task to take on as a single-person act, but Promethean Misery has come and conquered like it’s fucking nothing, and with no less than utmost style.

Many people see new ideas as intimidating because many executions of new ideas fail, which is to be expected to a degree, but then feel like anything new won’t be good. I don’t understand that very well as I’ve seen many great acts take leaps of faith with their style that led to creating something grand, and Promethean Misery has always been a great example of such. The payoff is the wonder that is “Tied Up With Strings” in its entirety, and it’s the sort of thing that will always have me come crawling back to more even years after its release.

“Tied Up With Strings” releases on September 14th via PRC Music!

LISTEN to previous work by Promethean Misery on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Promethean Misery on Facebook here.

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