Sun Through Eyelids – Hyperborea

 The great thing about the world of ambient music that I can always appreciate no matter what is that every morsel we’re given is the very definition of immersive. Without uttering a single word and sometimes not even using conventional instruments, many acts create soundscapes that entice the mind and continue to draw us in for more, yet sometimes it’s not done as smooth as we’d like. Journeying through the latest offering of Sun Through Eyelids, I was greeted with such but still came out enjoying and appreciating what I’ve heard.

Being able to simply lay back and allow an album of any kind to just wash over you while you just float upon an audial ocean in a state of perpetual weightlessness is a unique pleasure. It’s something that ambient music has become all but masterful at with it being a core pillar of the genre itself. Sun Through Eyelids managed to accomplish that, naturally, and while I’ve listened to the whole of “Hyperborea” a good number of times, it’s the drone nature of the material that pulls me out just a little. Don’t get me wrong, this act still manages to satisfy in the end, but something about “Hyperborea” just feels so drawn out without as much variation that would keep the wheels of the album turning instead of the momentum going all over the place that kind of fucks with the flow of the record. Maybe that’s the nature of drone, but Sun Through Eyelids overcomes such a thing for me to allow this ten-track return to Paradise become an interesting experience from start to finish.

I’ve always been interested in drone metal with its many different factors, but pure drone is something that’s completely unknown to me. “Hyperborea” fusing it with ambient really helped smooth the differences for me, albeit with a few bumps in the road, and Sun Through Eyelids has created a record that’s everything every ambient record should be at the core.

LISTEN to “Hyperborea” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sun Through Eyelids on Facebook here.


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