Itnuveth – Pagan Martyrs

 Anyone who knows me knows that I follow Itnuveth incredibly close as they’re one of those bands that I just can’t get enough of. For over five years, they have been dishing out one marvelous example of pagan metal after another with little to no fail. Always honing their craft, these Spaniards have put out a full-length every year since 2014, but this year proved to be a break in that chain with this year giving us an EP from Itnuveth. Yet, even with only four tracks, it still doesn’t fail to deliver.

Four tracks? I agree, not much at all. But, when a band is constantly pumping out material in the form of a new full-length every year, I get that a quick little EP like this has to come eventually. “Pagan Martyrs” isn’t the greatest thing that I’ve heard from Itnuveth with their second and third albums holding a special place in my heart, but that doesn’t make this nearly 15-minute piece any less entertaining. Itnuveth still manages to bring their special concoction of pagan black metal that’s laced with melodic elements to the table in excellent fashion with every little bit providing a new joy that makes the entirety of “Pagan Martyrs” such a sweet little treat. Granted, literally half the album consists of short instrumental bits a little over a minute long, but they still work and fit the feel of Itnuveth undeniably. But just this little bit of material shows us once again that Itnuveth still manages to stay classy while also increasing the quality of their musicianship a little bit with each release, and it permeates “Pagan Martyrs” without shame. Even something as seemingly insignificant as the flutes in the instrumentals show a tremendous up in quality, and the rest of the EP follows suit wondrously with Itnuveth returning with a terrific combination of subtle melodies, an all but vicious approach, and yet another brilliant take on pagan metal that makes the music entertaining from start to finish.

Usually, it takes a little bit and a few spins to get me to warm up to any new Itnuveth record, but “Pagan Martyrs” was instant as I knew right off the bat that this EP was truly exceptional even by the standards I hold Itnuveth by. And if these four tracks are anything to take from Itnuveth concerning their future, we’ve still got plenty of excellent material to look forward to!

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