Forming the Void – Rift

 Not too long ago, it seemed that the entirety of the doom world was going batshit insane over Forming the Void’s “Relic” with it being hailed as one of the best albums of doom from that year according to many people. Meanwhile, I somehow procrastinated and allowed the album to go right past me. Still haven’t listened to the album yet (horrible, I know), but the chance to hear the new Forming the Void record came along so I figured that would work just as well, right? If “Relic” was a small step, then “Rift” is a massive leap across the bounds of psych-drenched doom that oodles with quality!

I remember hearing and even doing a piece for the debut from Forming the Void a little over two years ago, but I never could’ve anticipated that these guys would grow so quality and become so damn good in such a short amount of time! Typically, the quantity versus quality debacle is one that typically leans towards quality being more important, but there are always a few exceptional bands that manage to do in splendid fashion. Forming the Void returns to deliver us “Rift” which in every form is a fantastic display of doom that knows how to employ psychedelia in ways that makes the entirety of the album an absolute joy to listen to time and again. This band brings together crunchy as fuck riffs that could crack open the planet’s crust, a terrific sense of psychedelia that drenches every moment of “Rift” to allow the multiple planes of reality to merge for something wondrous to take place, and then the immaculate musicianship that permeates every single song off this fantastic album to truly tip it over the edge as a stupendous slab of doom through and through. There are an innumerable amount of albums throughout all of doom metal that have psychedelic elements and try to have a satisfying crunch, but extremely few bands can do it like Forming the Void have and even then albums like “Rift” are a glorious rarity. It takes an exceptional act to pull it off just once, and Forming the Void seemed to have done it twice.

I wasn’t even aware that there was going to be a new Forming the Void this year, but it’s no understatement to say that “Rift” is the very definition of a surprise and delight for me. Fans who are new to this act, as well as those who went insane over “Relic”, will find something truly great to behold within this record, and I’ve a feeling this piece will also go down as one of the year’s best slabs of doom.

“Rift” releases on August 17th via Kozmik Artifactz!

LISTEN to “Relic” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Forming the Void on Twitter: @Forming_TheVoid


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