Kamadeva – Ritual en Carcosa

 The world of heavy psych is one that I feel is currently in a real golden age where many people have a good nostalgia for the classic psychedelia of music from decades ago but want to mix it with a heaviness that we’ve only recently been able to produce. With bands like Elder leading the charge, heavy psych is slowly spreading across the world. It’s even spread to the country of Spain with the likes of Kamadeva creating music that’s perfect for the genre as well as an absolute treat to eat right up!

A cover art like that typically means good things, if you ask me. And given just the first track alone of “Ritual en Carcosa”, such a trend continues as Kamadeva produces a record that’s nigh on entertaining, true to the style down to the letter, and still allows the band to have their own personal flavors sprinkled throughout the album’s seven tracks. There’s not much that isn’t to be expected with “Ritual en Carcosa” as if you’re familiar with heavy psych you’ll find all the wondrous tropes pulled off excellently by Kamadeva here, but even with factors as insignificant as the band speaking Spanish which gives the record a slightly different feel over English Kamadeva manage to not become a cookie-cutter band that feels all but lazy. It’s easy to point out the passion for the style as well as the musical prowess that Kamadeva wields without scrutiny and isn’t ashamed to show off, and that makes “Ritual en Carcosa” all the more entertaining. From the irresistible crunchy riffs to the otherworldly vibes to the trance-inducing instrumentation, Kamadeva does nothing but justice for this astounding genre!

With this being only the second piece of material from Kamadeva that has seen the light of day, I simply can’t wait to see whatever else these Spanish stoners will be able to dish out! This is the exact sort of music that people flock to if given the chance, and I can only hope that “Ritual en Carcosa” will get the recognition it deserves for being so excellent. If there are any heavy psych acts that need to be established and become known, Kamadeva is definitely amongst them.

LISTEN to “Ritual en Carcosa” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Kamadeva on Facebook here.

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