The Shiva Hypothesis – Ouroboros Stirs

 Forgetting about a band because of one reason or another is something that we’re all guilty of, and I’m not a personal fan. I remember checking out the first bit of material that The Shiva Hypothesis put three years ago but in that time since I completely forgot about them. But from out of nowhere, there I see a notification for a new album from The Shiva Hypothesis album, so I felt a little revisiting couldn’t hurt. Three hours later, I’m more than happy to have rediscovered this band with their incredibly flavorful debut!

Just looking at the cover for “Ouroboros Stirs” I felt that something was different this time around. The sound is so much more polished and refined with an absolute fuck ton more musicianship to toss around than they did last time I heard them. Then again, going from a demo to an actual full-length record will do that, but that doesn’t take away from the sheer quality and power that The Shiva Hypothesis has brought to the table with “Ouroboros Stirs”. You can do a lot with blackened death metal and bring it together with mythological and occult themes and you’ve got a fucking winner if it’s pulled off right. To say that the execution was handled beautifully would be an insult to the excellence that is “Ouroboros Stirs”! Top everything I just threw at you with impeccable instrumentation, gripping vocals, and a terrific grasp on the style as a whole and you’ve got a fascinating record that’s an absolute joy to listen to. Each piece of “Ouroboros Stirs” shows off a new strength of The Shiva Hypothesis be it a solid lengthy track, a full-on assault upon the mind, or a tasteful use of an instrumental interlude, and it couldn’t be brought together any better if the band tried.

Seeing the amazing amount of improvement from the band’s humble first steps is an amazing thing to see for me, and I refuse to allow myself to forget about The Shiva Hypothesis again. “Ouroboros Stirs” is a true surprise for me and one that I want to see do well for itself simply because it’s a fantastic record with loads of twists and turns to keep you interested for the album’s whole run. It’s the sort of thing that should bring this band plenty of recognition and they truly deserve all of it.

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