Moloch Conspiracy – The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights

 It’s been no secret of mine that I’ve been slowly trying to get more and more into the world of ambient, dungeon synth, noise, and such. I find it to be a very interesting and simple area of music that has nothing else like it in terms of character or approach. Typically, I like getting samples from many different artists when trying to get a feel for a style, but Moloch Conspiracy has remained a steady constant this year for ambient music for me. With his brand new album, this artist shows a clear increase in quality that’s all but undeniable.

I’ve been following the entire discography of Moloch Conspiracy ever since checking out the debut a few months back, and even though there are only two full-lengths, a split, and a contribution to a compilation, it has been a splendid trip. Now, with “The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights”, Moloch Conspiracy brings the idea of immersion to a new personal high. This act has been known for having a creepy vibe to all his work much like most if not all dark ambient projects, but this new record makes it so easy to lay back into and become absorbed into whatever the artist is weaving from the aether. Going into the titular cave is an easy enough task, but Moloch Conspiracy guides us down moist caverns past glowing stalagmites all while being led by a single lantern before entering a coven of occultists next to an underground river. All of this and more are illustrated beautifully in the deliciously macabre art that is “The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights” where the abyss and its ominous pulse are the only constant, and it’s all but hypnotic. Moloch Conspiracy channels that magnificently with a tasteful variety of instruments to create an experience that’s equal parts immersive and foreboding; two words that go hand-in-hand with the style itself.

Are there many other acts that I could check out that would give me more of a feel of dark ambient? Absolutely, but I’m constantly finding myself returning to this French act with no problem whatsoever and with each returning granting a great boon that I didn’t know I was looking for! “The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights” is a grand tale that truly immerses the soul into a dark place that’s not easily accomplished, but Moloch Conspiracy yet again makes it into a fucking art!

LISTEN to “The Cave of Metaphysical Darkness & Lights” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Moloch Conspiracy on Facebook here.

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