Godless Enthropia – Tetracyclic Dominion

 The wide world of death metal is one with many turns and valleys the likes of which most bands tend to pick a lane and stick to it. Yet, there are always some acts that like to jump from one lane to the next while still maintaining a solid core of death metal to keep things from getting too crazy despite trying many different flavors in a single album. Godless Enthropia busts out their first full-length with a massive amount of flavors to culminate into a dish the likes of which has so much to go around!

I firmly believe that any band’s first step should be examined with a grain of salt because it’s but the beginning of this act moving as a single unit so there is bound to be a minor misstep here and there. In the case of Godless Enthropia, there sometimes lacks a real hook that draws the listener in, but outside of that I honestly can’t find any fault in the massacre that is “Tetracyclic Dominion”. Standing proudly with a monstrous fourteen tracks, this record decimates at every single turn as this Italian quintet leaves no stone unturned with their genre-transcendent performance of raw death metal. “Tetracyclic Dominion” somehow combines elements from progressive, technical, even a little bit of grind, and more to bring to us an oddly cohesive bloodbath knows no bounds in its immense amounts of devastation. And if the aforementioned lack of hooks sounds like something that would turn you off, then please look at the sheer high quality of instrumentation that permeates the entirety of “Tetracyclic Dominion”. It truly carries the record over the areas where Godless Enthropia tried but missed the mark, and that’s the sign of a band that has the potential to do something incredibly interesting with its blueprints that are definitely something to behold.

“Tetracyclic Dominion” is far from an album that I’d consider great, but I’ve no question calling it something that has an acquired taste about it. Godless Enthropia had a vision with this record and I feel they got pretty damn close to pulling it off, but I’ve confidence that these Italians will be able to come back with another record that will be no less than smashing! There’s no shame in what “Tetracyclic Dominion” is as a whole, and it’d be easy to become lost in these twists and turns through the realm of death metal.

LISTEN to “Tetracyclic Dominion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Godless Enthropia on Facebook here.

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