Allfather – And All Will Be Desolation

 About two years ago, there was an album that was released that everyone seemed to go crazy over with its special blend of sludgy doom with spices of hardcore thrown into the mix which is a very unique blend that we simply don’t see often by any means. That was “Bless the Earth with Fire” by the British act of Allfather who I knew before that, but didn’t check out that record even when it was the flavor of the week. Feeling unnecessarily guilty, I leaped on the chance to hear their upcoming record the moment I could, and it’s more than anything I could’ve hoped for.

Keep in mind, the last I heard Allfather was back in 2015 with their EP “No Gods No Masters” when they still had a bit to proof despite having boatloads of potential. I’m not sure why I never checked out “Bless the Earth with Fire”, but I refused to let it happen again so experiencing “And All Will Be Desolation” is something that I couldn’t pass up. I figured that Allfather had greatly increased in quality since that EP almost three years ago, but I never imagined they would’ve improved in such a short time! On its own, “And All Will Be Desolation” is an absolutely delicious set of seven tracks that gives us everything we could’ve hoped for out of the promising sound that Allfather delivers. The whole of this album has a solid, dark masterfully executed piece of heavy doom with a good coating of sludge that knows when to pull back for maximum effect while also knowing the absolutely perfect moments to smash our skulls to naught but shards. This is all the wrapped up perfectly with a bow in the form of vocals that pull directly from hardcore acts that have always given Allfather a special flavor, then topped with ridiculous instrumentation that’s all but incredibly immersive that brings “And All Will Be Desolation” to a peak I truly wasn’t expecting. It’s such a balanced experience with so many strengths with virtually no flaws that it’s hard to look at “And All Will Be Desolation” and not feel like it should be renowned as one of the most flavorful and interesting records we will get all year.

From the great intro for “Citadels”, the fiery energy that is constantly spewed for in “By Sword, By Famine, By Plague”, and the massive scale of “Lampedusa”, there’s no denying that Allfather has struck gold with this album. “And All Will Be Desolation” is more than I ever could’ve asked for, and you will definitely see me come crawling back to this astounding effort the moment it’s released. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy this wonder three times over and then likely buy “Bless the Earth With Fire” at least twice.

“And All Will Be Desolation” releases on September 7th via Rotting Throne Records!

LISTEN to the single from “And All Will Be Desolation”, “Inherit the Dust”, on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Allfather on Twitter: @AllfatherUK

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