Gaetir the Mountainkeeper – Norðr

Creating an ambient album is a very daunting task if you don’t have the experience or knack for it. You have to be able to keep the listener engaged with whatever means you have at your disposal, like all music, but while still keeping true to the roots of ambiance. The man behind Paleowolf has made quite the name for himself in the world of ambient, and that’s led to him experimenting which has led to the creation of Gaetir The Mountainkeeper.

This project is far from just starting off, but it clearly has yet to make a solid collection of releases with the brand new piece that is “Norðr” being only the second from Gaetir the Mountainkeeper. And first going into this album, I was immediately reeled in with “Norðr” being a single hour-long track that’s made up of six different parts that all flow together seamlessly like water. Anyone who would have even a shred of doubt in regards to the quality of “Norðr” must not know of Paleowolf, and I’m truly sorry for the man behind both these acts truly knows what he’s doing. In the form of Gaetir the Mountainkeeper, this man has been able to encapsulate the mythical feel of the cold North whilst allowing the rich lore behind Norse mythology to permeate the thick atmosphere, ritualistic movements, and entrancing soundscapes. All that allows “Norðr” to truly breathe as its own entity while still bringing in the signature flavors that the mastermind has become known for while still having the moniker of Gaetir the Mountainkeeper to allow him to experiment to new territories to terrific result. The whole of this single-track experience really brings us to a unique front in the already unique scene of ambient where any environment is possible, but Gaetir the Mountainkeeper manages to bring that to the next level with “Norðr” being a perfectly crafted piece of meditation as well as something that shows off the raw talent, scope, and passion behind one man who still single-handedly manages to grip the entire scene with each new release.

I’m far from an authority on the overall state of the ambient scene as a whole, but whenever I go into its waters I always come out with something new and delicious as a discovery. Clearly, Gaetir the Mountainkeeper is the latest and greatest boon I’ve managed to get my hands on and the experience that is “Norðr” is the sort of thing that I want to see more of.

LISTEN to “Norðr” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gaetir the Mountainkeeper on Facebook here.

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