Fetid Zombie – Remnants of Life

 If there should ever be a list of modern bands that are keeping death metal in the thriving condition that it’s in, Fetid Zombie should undoubtedly be hailed as a massive driving force. This act and the man behind it have done wondrous and grand things for death metal alone in ways that incredibly have been able to manage. Fetid Zombie has long been a band that I enjoy greatly with tremendous efforts being released every year, and this time is no different with yet another staggering EP of stenchy death metal.

The single thing that draws me to Fetid Zombie more than anything is its sound with how it varies quite literally all over the place while still being a great homage to old school death metal at its core throughout every single track. Even different samples like “If the Dead Could Speak” sound different but still maintain the vibes and flavors Fetid Zombie is known for. Returning a few months back, we are treated to the relatively small morsel that is “Remnants of Life”; three tracks that are the perfect description of what we can come to expect from this act. This EP has literally got everything us fans can ask for. The stellar musicianship, soaring guitars, guttural growls that really know how to sound fucking badass all the time, and a new set of wondrous guests from the likes of Revel in Flesh, Horrified, Toby Knapp, and Arsis bless this record with glorious unholiness wreathed in slime and filth. “Remnants of Life” is far from anything new for Fetid Zombie which may be a bit of a bummer for anyone hoping to see Fetid Zombie tackle anything even slightly different, but there’s no denying how this EP continues the trend of underground mastery from Fetid Zombie as these three tracks are better than the entire discographies for some bands!

There aren’t many that can be as consistent as that, but ever since the 2015 slab of mastery that was “Epicideia”, Fetid Zombie has been on one fucking hell of a roll. Each release brings us new but familiar flavors that only fuel the fire for this act even more, and Fetid Zombie knows this as “Remnants of Life” is practically a front to back piece of art for us fans who couldn’t ask for anything more.

LISTEN to “Remnants of Life” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fetid Zombie on Facebook here.

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