Aseethe / Snow Burial – split

 A big plus that has always been for me when it comes to sludge metal is simply how fucking filthy it can be at times. Sometimes we get a calculated chaos from the likes of Lord Dying, unique experiences from the likes of YOB or Inter Arma, and then downright nasty examples of what it means to take sludge metal to its darkest corner. Bands like Aseethe and Snow Burial bring such seething darkness to the light, and the grotesque form of the style is seen in full force with this two-track split.

A single song can often be enough that’s needed in order to get across the general sound of a band in question as well as what kind of stuff they’re pumping out. Splits are also often used to bring two or more acts together from a similar style so they can bust out a piece that’s great for a multitude of reasons. This split between Aseethe and Snow Burial is a prime example of such, but with only two tracks with one per band, there really isn’t much to go around for anyone looking to see several examples of what Aseethe and Snow Burial are all about. Yet, there really isn’t much left to the imagination as these acts don’t waste any time whatsoever as they both immediately get right to work with their vicious and thick sludge metal that’s a real assault upon the brain. Aseethe is the first on the assault with Snow Burial bringing up the rear, and while the sound doesn’t really vary too much between these two, the differences are still there and noticeable to where you can see the different approaches to sludge in full effect. To top it all off, this split is also an experimentation in motion for Aseethe with their contribution being quite different from their typically more long-winded tracks more akin to drone or funeral doom.

The pairing for this new take alongside Snow Burial allowed this split to become truly tasty by the end, and it shows in every moment. Us newcomers to both bands are shown something very interesting with Aseethe diverting from their usual sound for something new (pretty nice to see, usually) and with Snow Burial wrapping things up with a massive, undeniable sound. These acts are far from big names in sludge, but they’re definitely names that I’ll be keeping tabs on and I suggest you do the same.

“Split” releases on June 29th via Hand of Death Records!

LIKE Aseethe on Facebook here.

LIKE Snow Burial on Facebook here.

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