ASG – Survive Sunrise

 Coming across some hard rock recently has left me high and dry more than anything, sadly. The style has never really stood out without the help of riffs coming into play in order to carry an album forward. I felt maybe the first album in five years from ASG would help me out, and, luckily, I was right. These engineers of the riff have returned to us with a vicious set of twelve tracks that are tailor-made for fans of both the band and their undeniable attitude.

When it all boils down, a hard rock album typically relies on how infectious the music is as a whole. Obviously, you wanna make your music to be infectious therefore bringing in new listeners while then keeping them around and coming back. ASG truly understands that and once again employs massive riffs and a constant, raging approach that always keeps the blood pumping as “Survive Sunrise” delivers a massive punch. It then comes in the form of a vicious set of a dozen tracks that leave no prisoners as “Survive Sunrise” powers from one song to the next as we’re treated to a glorious display of gripping riffs, a southern flavor that adds a special spice to the mix, and melodic rock anthems that are damn near essential for any summer album that captures the freedom of the season perfectly. ASG channel some of the most essential traits of a fantastic hard rock album and that really allows for “Survive Sunrise” to come to life in ways that not many other pieces can achieve. The slight variation in execution from song to song isn’t something I typically regard to kindly, but ASG simply pulls it off with so much style that it’s hard not to become enraptured by it, and it’s a clear sign to the prowess behind this band as well as this tasteful record.

While this is a few steps shy of something I’d consider a grand album of expertise and precision, the sheer high quality that’s within the vortex that is “Survive Sunrise” is unquestionable and nigh on entertaining. ASG has made a triumphant return and in just the nick of time.

“Survive Sunrise” releases on June 15th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Survive Sunrise” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW ASG on Twitter: @ASGNation


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