Vomitile – Pure Eternal Hate

 Coming back to a band years after not really listening to them at all is one of my absolute favorite things to do as a metalhead because I get to see how bands continue on with their sound or do something new as well as (hopefully) improve upon their craft. Vomitile caught my attention a few years ago with their brand of flavorful death metal echoing the old school. Finding a highly recommended label of mine and improving ten fold, Vomitile has returned with an album that’s sure to melt the flesh off any willing listener!

One of my favorite things that death metal as a whole does very well manages to waste as little time as possible. No fucking around and straight to the point, the genre has produced a near infinite amount of acts that know how to get right down to business and Vomitile is definitely such an act. With an opening that’s the very epitome of a no-fucking-around attitude, “Pure Eternal Hate” promises to be one of the tastiest and most destructive albums that we’re to get this entire year! Vomitile impresses right out of the gate with a fantastically gritty and nasty cover art but then immediately seals the deal with a supremely vicious display of blood, rage, and war as these ten tracks are the sort of thing that any death metal fan can get behind without even having to think about it. The visceral dismemberment of everything that stands in the way of “Pure Eternal Hate” is just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for recently with death metal feeling a tad stale for me as of late. This amazing display of power with a greatly improved sense of musicianship companied by skin-melting and marrow-boiling riffs that people like me really clamor for when it’s presented on a marvelous platter like what Vomitile has done here.

The island of Cyprus isn’t exactly a hotspot for metal but being the birthplace of personal interests like Tome of the Unreplenished and Solitary Sabred, it’s only fitting that I’d be led to the country yet again by Vomitile’s enticing murderous rampage. “Pure Eternal Hate” is everything the title says it is, and any fan of death metal who has been craving for a sheer onslaught of mindless, instinctual rage then look no further than this stellar display of power!

LISTEN to “Pure Eternal Hate” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vomitile on Facebook here.

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