Arkveid – s/t

 It’s a slight bit of a rarity to come across bands that can bring together the worlds of doom and folk metal in such a way that the ensuing material can truly be labeled as an engaging experience. Agalloch and Kauan are the two names that instantly come to mind for me, but the list tends to stop there. It’s a niche sound that not many bands bring to life, but the brand new Russian act of Arkveid sets out to bring a new example of folk-inspired doom to the world with this epic one-track album.

Arkveid had my attention well before I even heard a single second of this debut. A sound that blends together folk and doom metal sounds tasty enough with the aforementioned Kauan being a personal favorite, but it’s exceedingly tricky to pull it off given the stark differences the two styles can have when juxtaposed. Then, there’s the matter of this eponymous album consisting of a single 39-minute long song, and I fucking love ambitious ideas like this where an act has the balls to really try something that’s a challenge to listen to. It’s something I love exploring and Arkveid really did an immaculate job at creating a vivid and richly detailed experience with the music constantly swapping between acoustic guitars, clean vocals to growls, tempered solos, crushing presence at times, and a mystifying atmosphere to where there’s no denying that Arkveid has crafted an album that can only be labelled as an experience. We’re constantly shifting and going in between the worlds of doom and folk with plenty of heaviness and loads of nature soaking every morsel of this record that’s a tasty layer of the already delicious music. The overwhelming amount of different sounds, the brilliance of it all coming together seamlessly, and the sheer pleasure of a lengthy experience like this one is something we rarely get to see, and it’s only fitting that this band is brand new and still unknown in the grand scheme of the underground. That makes discovering this gem all the sweeter.

Russia is arguably the most picturesque country for a band like this to exist with the environment as a whole being absolutely perfect for something like Arkveid which embodies nature, chaos, and refined energy in such a way. A debut album that performs as well as this has no choice but to be a prelude for something tremendous. If there is any budding band that I’m going to do my damnedest to keep a close eye on in the coming future, it’s easily going to be Arkveid and I suggest you do the very same.

LISTEN to “Arkveid” on Bandcamp here.

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