Three Left – The Calling

 There is this incredibly thin line that separates metal and rock that many bands tread for to either test their capabilities as musicians or simply because that’s what the band wants to play. I’ve found that a supreme amount of acts that walk the line of hard rock (we’ll use that term for ease of use) tend to be… generic as it’s just so fucking easy to just whip together a casual hard rock album. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there is an innumerable amount of acts that make it so lazily, but Three Left is far from such.

The sheer amount of bands that have made it big by being any sort of variety of hard rock is staggering, to say the least, and that has, in turn, created a seemingly infinite amount of small, local bands that basically do the same style but with the members’ specific takes. When I heard the last record from Three Left, I knew that this band definitely fell within that massive group of very small bands that play basic hard rock, but their music just felt like the band poured more of themselves into the music. With their newest material, “The Calling”, I definitely had a level of expectation for this band to have improved at least a tad. Overall, “The Calling” doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in terms of quality outside more riffs that feel much more potent. The whole of the eight tracks don’t really stand out all that much apart from a tasty and delicious harmonica, but that doesn’t bring down the overall enjoyment of “The Calling”. There’s still plenty of riffs, minor anthems, a good sense of diversity, and a solid that everything’s built upon that really enables Three Left to bust out this record with little to no fear of failure. It’s a far cry from anything that I’d call great, but there’s a solid charm and some flavors to be found in this album, for sure.

I’ve always found it interesting to come back and investigate smaller bands that once caught my eye. Three Left definitely stands as an act that has yet to get their momentum and release something that is truly tasty as a record, but there’s no denying the tastiness spread across their work. “The Calling” is a definite step in the right direction, and shows that promising stuff may be right on the horizon.

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One thought on “Three Left – The Calling

  1. There is new music around us coming in ways, we may never catch up with! We have one review of what one may think,this Cd is about, I am cool with that. To each his own, even in comparision of the last Cd from this band. Bottom line is, it was not up to a good standard of review, and that is cool. There is a band called, Overkill! They never got a great review even from those from Rolling Stone! My point is, if it is not your flavor, then it is not a favor! You gave your point of what you thought of this Cd, me being the drummer in it, I ws not asking you to pretend to like it. One bands hard work to one mans review , thats your Calling!

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