YOB – Our Raw Heart

 An explosive start followed by a slow but steady rise is something that can really only be considered as a dream come true for just about any band in the world of metal. That was exactly what has happened with YOB ever since their very first demo, and now they’re no less than legendary in the realm of doom with their unique sound. Tragedy nearly struck the very voice of this act, but through nothing but a miracle, this trio was able to recover and put out what might be the quintessential album of their entire career.

A common theme that I saw whenever people refer to the first single off this album, “The Screen”, was how a good chunk of people found the song too simplistic and monotone versus songs from past works. I was not part of such group as I can appreciate a crunchy riff and smashing execution as much as the next plebion, and I knew in my gut that there would be more to the greater body at work with “Our Raw Heart”. The sheer emotional and physical exposure has allowed YOB to enter the next stage in their evolution as a unit, and the over hour long experience that is their eighth effort truly shows the near unparalleled musicianship that YOB has with every single possible frame of “Our Raw Heart” being a wholly unique piece of doom the likes of which has been done by only a handful of other bands.

Anyone who knows me knows for a fact that I’ve long been a fan of star-shattering doom with an artistic tapestry the likes of which can only be matched by a cathedral ceiling epic. I’m no stranger from YOB, but it wasn’t before this year that I actually started to get it. Yeah, they felt heavy and it was definitely a treat to experience, but their grandeur couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of Neurosis and Inter Arma in my mind. Going into “Our Raw Heart” I had a gut feeling, like I said, but there’s nothing on this planet that could’ve prepared me for this. There are always a very select albums that each person has that really strikes on a deeply personal level via plucking our very heart strings, and this seven-track masterpiece did that for me with the first fucking track alone. “Our Raw Heart” achieves the rare feat of being able to allow the listener to headbang whilst jamming out to a heavy as fuck riff, stop and ponder the very inner workings of all with but a few strikes of the guitar, or even painting a stunning mental picture that’s just as mesmerizingly beautiful as it is terrifically destructive. It’s the epitome of a rollercoaster of an album, and YOB knows it with each passing moment delivers a brand new experience that refreshes the mind before immediately throwing us back to the hypnotic turmoil that spawned YOB and “Our Raw Heart”.

There are very few instances where we can instantly tell one of the year’s best records before it’s even released, and that’s exactly what has happened here. YOB has continued to charge forward on their own path with immaculate flavors and untouchable levels of musicianship that has culminated into an experience that’s touching upon the achievement that is but one word: perfection. Should you want to be part of one of the premier doom albums that we’re guaranteed to get all fucking year then make damn sure that “Our Raw Heart” is on your list and you listen to it religiously upon its release.

“Our Raw Heart” releases on June 8th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Our Raw Heart” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW YOB on Twitter: @quantumyob

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