Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol. 2

 Double albums are the kind of thing that is tricky much like how it can be difficult to bring a cohesive story for a concept album. Simply making enough material that’s sufficient to split across two full-length records can be daunting in it of itself if the band isn’t ready for such a task. It takes an exceptional act that truly works as a unit to bring together a double album that by the end we as listeners can say were crispy, delicious, and an applause-worthy experience. When “Amoretum Vol. 1” was released earlier in January, I knew that Black Space Riders had once again struck gold, but it’s with “Vol. 2” that they show us yet again what true masters of music and their special brand of heavy space rock they are.

Talking about the struggles of the world in the form of love versus hate and war versus peace is far from a topic that music strays from. It’s very easy to simply sing about them and create a record surrounding the topic, but it’s a completely different task in order to bring it all together and make work while being a separate entity compared to the infinite other acts that preach about the same damn thing. Black Space Riders have been familiar with touching sensitive topics with unfortunate events like homelessness, the forced departure of home, and motherhood being some of the key focuses of their acclaimed album (and a personal favorite) “Refugeeum”. I never would’ve thought that this German band would’ve been willing to tackle the monumental task that is a double album, but “Amoretum” as a whole is a very welcome surprise. Whereas “Vol. 1” felt very chill and leaning very much in the direction of bringing the world together in peace, “Vol. 2” still goes for the same idea but with a much more active sound that constantly keeps the blood flowing and the energy high while still having that trademark Black Space Riders charm of diversity.

Whenever you follow a band for years and gone through multiple different albums, you start to pick up on influences on new works that spawned from past releases which makes about as much sense as anything. So, when I listened to “Amoretum Vol. 1” I definitely heard a good bit of evolution in the band’s sound compared to past releases, but it’s with “Vol. 2” that we really see different aspects of past pieces come into play into a delicious hour-plus long, fourteen track intergalactic marvel. We see the delicious hybrid of ethereal psychedelia and crunchy hypnotic riffs from “Refugeeum”, some of the danceability from the “Beyond Refugeeum” EP while managing to incorporate different kinds of vocals that allows “Amoretum Vol. 2” to still feel like its own entity. Pair that with an absolute rollercoaster in pacing, flavor, and potency and an incredibly euphoric, and you’ve got an album that may just allow Black Space Riders to have set the bar for excellence yet again! With each listen of this record that I put myself through, I find more things to love and keep wanting to hear it over and over again. I knew that Black Space Riders was going to make another tasty piece for us again, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the sheer greatness that is “Amoretum Vol. 2”.

There were and still are a number of albums that I was looking forward to when coming into 2018, and “Amoretum” was easily one of them. I always knew that Black Space Riders weren’t a band to sleep on and knew that they wouldn’t disappoint with this new material, but where “Vol. 1” gave us a great journey it’s with “Vol. 2” that we are given the euphoria that is reaching the destination whilst still bathing in all the excellence and glory that we went through on the journey. It’s hard to pick which one I say I’d like better, but there’s no denying that “Amoretum” as a whole is no less than a fucking masterful work of art that truly shows the talent behind this one of a kind act.

“Amoretum Vol. 2” releases on July 27th via Cargo Records and Black Space Riders! 

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