Nuclear Antichrist – s/t

 A style that I’ve always been a fan of but never really spend that much time with is death/thrash metal. I’ve no idea why I don’t visit it often, but it’s something that I really need to change with there rarely being a record that I don’t get some enjoyment out of with the style. Another thing I need to visit more often is Spanish metal, and what would you know it Spain’s Nuclear Antichrist just put forth their eponymous debut record of death/thrash that’s nigh on tasty!

The world of thrashy death metal is a very simple one mainly because like basic thrash there’s one goal in mind: fast. That’s the ultimate goal of the style with it being in the hands of the band to make the blur of speed we experience actually sound good. Bringing death metal into the mix can easily bring a new dynamic to the mix with a sense of brutality and vicious nature being a more than welcome addition to people like me. Nuclear Antichrist had the challenge of allowing their debut EP to have everything we look for in a solid death/thrash record, and I feel it’s safe to say that these six tracks really fucking nailed it. From having a blistering speed with an excellent pacing to a sense of sheer brutality that leaves no room for anything but radiated wastelands and bones, Nuclear Antichrist managed to find a happy middle ground with the two different styles with their first piece of material. That’s nothing to scoff at as it can really take a band several EPs or even full-lengths to get their bearings, but this quintet really shows they know their stuff here. Nuclear Antichrist brings plenty of elements together to create a true menagerie of madness that constantly comes in waves between the sick riffs, explosive solos, and immaculate musicianship that permeates every second of this intriguing debut.

A debut is always a bit of a dice roll no matter what the band, and I feel confident in saying that the die has rolled in my favor with Nuclear Antichrist. This debut is an incredibly promising one for someone like me, and I’ll be damned if I don’t keep my eyes on these guys because when they drop the an even tastier record than this I want to be the first on the scene, and I suggest you do the same.

LISTEN to “Nuclear Antichrist” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nuclear Antichrist on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Nuclear Antichrist on Twitter: @NAntichristBand


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