Truchło Strzygi – Pora Umierać

 Poland is far from a place that I would expect to find any variety of punk let alone black metal, but leave it to the world of metal to always keep me guessing where the next tasty piece is going to come from. Punk has never really been something that I could say I love, but I’ve always enjoyed it when it’s fused with metal especially in the hands of like Iron Reagan. But what if we turn to where punk has always thrived: the underground? Truchło Strzygi is the very definition of an underground surprise, and their upcoming album is an unexpected piece that rips any defiers to absolute shreds.

A lot of people get turned off an album when they realize at one point or another when the band in question isn’t speaking the native tongue of the listener. I’ve never understood it as the language barrier doesn’t mean the material isn’t good; I just won’t be able to understand what the fuck they’re saying even more! And by the third track from Truchło Strzygi’s “Pora Umierać” I knew that this Polish quartet was a real gem that is destined to become a secret favorite for those who dig deep enough to find an underground piece like this because of the overwhelming quality. And, obviously, I don’t mean studio quality given the band’s place in the underground. Instead, there’s a very raw nature that brings a certain charm to the blackened punk we’re given with “Pora Umierać” that’s just a few steps beyond a demo in terms of polish, but combined with the classic punk attitude and devious riff machines that are put to work there’s no putting down the powerhouse that is Truchło Strzygi. These eight tracks come together so well that it’s still ridiculous to see, and I’ve nothing but confidence that if “Pora Umierać” reaches the right ears that it will be a fan favorite to many punk maniacs out there as well as those who love seeing elements of black metal thrown into different styles. It’s a very unexpected experience, but one that’s just unique enough that you should behold its power just to see what the underground is still very capable of.

There aren’t very many records that come out that I’d want to recommend to anyone who’s even only mildly into metal simply because Truchło Strzygi has managed to create an approachable yet unyielding piece that is well done on literally every fucking level. Should any underground acts deserve some attention when they sadly won’t get as much as they deserve I firmly believe that “Pora Umierać” should be on that list with many other reputable groups and entrancing records.

“Pora Umierać” releases on June 1st via Godz ov War Productions!

Sadly, Truchło Strzygi does not have any sort of social media that I could find so please follow their label, Godz ov War Production, on Facebook here where you can keep up on news of Truchło Strzygi as well as many other tasty deep underground acts.

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