Gravecoven – Coughing Blood

 Creating a hybrid of metal is far from an easy task but it’s not exactly a mammoth one since there is a near-infinite amount of examples of hybrid metal that’s out there in the world nowadays. Yet, I still manage to find new surprises in styles that I’m very familiar with. Blackened doom can be incredibly enticing if given the proper treatment and hone with the proper dedication, and that’s clearly what Gravecoven has done with their debut EP that’s as delicious as it is dark.

Easily, the best band that I’ve come across who’s managed to bring plenty of outside influence and spice to the world of doom to really shake things up and then proceed to pull it off incredibly well has to be Totengott. They made a very solid set of tracks that made doom the focal point but constantly traversed the styles within metal seamlessly in a tasteful harmony. I haven’t come across another band that has done such until tonight with Gravecoven’s debut EP, “Coughing Blood”. It’s all too easy to mix together the raw nature of black metal with the crunch of doom, scream about darkness, and call it an album. Gravecoven, however, goes down the similar route but actually brings forth more doom elements with a slower tempo at times bringing a unique heaviness to the mix before busting into riffage that’s no less than fucking amazing! Everything about “Coughing Blood” comes together in a boiling cauldron of black ooze that remains the same opaque color and the fire is continuously ferocious, yet Gravecoven knows what ingredients to add or exclude at the perfect moments to really allow their talent to shine and the most powerful punch to be made with this spiked fist of unrelenting blackened doom.

Few albums are able to make such simplistic sounding combinations work to a great degree. Sure, “Coughing Blood” isn’t exactly the greatest fucking thing I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, but there’s no denying the intoxicaitng power and immense punch that these four tracks bring to the table. This debut is as promising as it gets, and I’m more than excited to see where this American trio can go.

LISTEN to “Coughing Blood” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gravecoven on Facebook here.


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