Eye of Solitude – Slaves to Solitude

 The world of doom is the exact kind of place I love being in where the riffs are aplenty and the heaviness is almost always out of this fucking world. Funeral doom especially goes to great lengths to bring the heavy in an overwhelming assault of the mind that never gives a proper reprieve amidst the madness, and people like me revel in it! Eye of Solitude is far from the heaviest band of the style that I’ve come across, but their fifth record is a very delicious one and something that shouldn’t be passed up.

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about funeral doom has to be the length of the songs with how they can stretch to be over 15 minutes long as if it was fucking nothing and the entire piece is gripping in its immense crunch and heaviness. The newest record from this British quintet doesn’t have the longer tracks that I look for with the longest capping out at 11.5 minutes, but there’s no denying how delicious the entirety of “Slaves to Solitude” is from front to back. With this album, we’re given a true tour de force of funeral doom with the expansive songs, crushing vocals, murderous heaviness, and atmosphere to boot that all comes together into a vicious experience that is truly something to behold that’s enjoyable for long time fans of funeral doom as well as being a special morsel for anyone newer to the style. It’s always difficult to balance the facts that go into funeral doom because you can easily get an album that feels way too fucking long due to poor pacing or simply boring your listeners to death by not keeping their attention with good enough musicianship or not adding in enough variety. “Slaves of Solitude” shows for the fifth time that Eye of Solitude easily overcomes such obstacles and create a funeral doom record that’s all but smashing by the time you reach the end of these tasteful five tracks of pure heaviness.

Of all the styles that I’ve come across in the world of metal, funeral doom is easily one of the trickiest to master. Not every band could be a Bell Witch, Ahab, or Loss, sadly, but that doesn’t stop bands like Eye of Solitude from pushing forward and keeping the style very much alive. “Slaves of Solitude” is a very commendable effort that shows a true knack for the style and a love for performing which can be heard in every single note.

LISTEN to “Slaves to Solitude” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Eye of Solitude on Twitter: @eyeofsolitude


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