Moloch Conspiracy /Araphel / Veiled Monk – Trinitas Sanctus

 One of the genres that I’ve been meaning to spend more time in than anything outside of metal is the world of ambiance. It’s such a rich, complex style from the likes of dungeon synth to dark ambient to noise to field recordings to meditation. My time has been mostly spent in the corners of dark ambient and noise, and with this split I once again return to the former with an act I’ve already become acquainted with: Moloch Conspiracy. I didn’t think we’d meet again so soon, but this time he’s brought some friends and they have made quite the slab of dark ambient that is truly something to behold.

Creating a dark ambient album sounds very simple as some jackass could sit around going “all you need is some sounds, mix it and master it to sound mildly eerie, and boom you’ve an album”, but like anything else that asshole says it’s absolutely false. Sure, it’s not exactly “music” as many of us see it, but it still takes quite the capable hand in order to craft it well. With “Trinitas Sanctus”, we’re treating to a truly entertaining set of three tracks from each of these bands that culminates in a roughly hour long experience that takes you through every imaginable corner that the deep abyss of dark ambient has to offer us. I want to see here and tell you that between Moloch Conspiracy, Veiled Monk, and Araphel that “Trinitas Sanctus” is a heavily diverse album, but it’s really not and I know that can sound bad. Instead of offering up diversity between each band outside small things that we can attribute the each band’s personal sounds, the whole of this record feels more like a collaboration over a split. Everything about “Trinitas Sanctus” flows together incredibly well to create an overall experience that can only be described as a trip through pitch black with only the most disturbing morsels of sound piercing the darkness and it is enhanced time and again by the sheer talent that these guys have that brings this record to life splendidly. Whilst in the darkness you’re constantly taking twists and turns through darkened caverns and bleak ravines with these three cloaked guides serving as the perfect ones to guide you through the terror, and by the end of it you’ll be wanting to go for another round.

It’s very rare that I come across any sort of ambient album that I can truly call riveting and come crawling back to without hesitation, but I can happily say that “Trinitas Sanctus” is one such record that has captured me so. From front to back, these acts do not disappoint as they show their clear understanding of dark ambient in full force with this record, and there’s no denying that these guys will power on to create even more delicious slabs of darkness for us to bathe in.

LISTEN to “Trinitas Sanctus” on Bandcamp here.

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