Sathanas – Necrohymns

 You would think that doing something consistently for thirty fucking years would get you a good deal of recognition in some form or another, right? A lot of the time, especially in music, the acts that go on for decades can sadly go unnoticed and unheralded. There are many metal acts that have been going since the 80s while constantly putting out new material showing one strength after another, and Sathanas is one such group who has also gone criminally unknown. Should any album change that, it should be this one more than any other.

I’m gonna sit here and tell you “ah I’ve been a big fan of Sathanas and have loved them for decades way before they were cool” because that’s simply not true. Their upcoming record of “Necrohymns” is my very first that I’ve heard from them, and hearing the tastiness and cripy riffs that these guys deliver made me go as far back into their massive catalog that I could to see what I’ve been missing. Turns out we’ve all been missing a fuck ton! Sathanas has been a true tour de force of underground black metal where they have not been afraid to dabble in some death metal to where with “Necrohymns” takes cues from thrash, and that results in a blisteringly fast album that’s just as delicious as it is blasphemous and fast. There’s no person not wreathed in helfire by the time Sathanas has finished their work with tracks like “At the Left Hand of Satan” starting the fire, “Raise the Flag of Hell” dumping kerosine on the flames, and “Witchcult” ending the chaos in a bombastic explosive of immense proportions. The energy is always at a ten as “Necrohymns” wouldn’t stop the blaze for the very end of the world and Sathanas knows how to deliver from one crunchy riff to the next scathing solo. I’ve encountered many black metal bands in the years since I’ve gotten into it, but Sathanas is a name that has all but eluded me, and now that I’ve experienced the chaos of “Necrohymns” I wish I found this trio sooner so I could bathe in their blackened sunlight even more.

This year has been quite generous to me when it comes to quality black metal releases as I’ve come across several delicious pieces of the genre and it goes without saying that Sathanas has truly impressed me with their tenth full-length album. “Necrohymns” is a beautiful piece of blasphomy from front to back that continuously impresses time and again, and I can’t help but whole-heartedly recommend you bask in the grandeur that’s this monster when it releases it black flames upon the world.

“Necrohymns” releases on July 10th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Necrohymns” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sathanas on Facebook here.

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