Duir – Obsidio

 The country of Italy has always been an odd one when it comes to metal as it’s been on the verge of becoming one of the next hotspots for quality metal across the globe. We’ve seen acts like Ade come from Italy, and I’ve always been ready to see what else the Italians can whip up. They’ve been able to make some tasty black metal that I’ve enjoyed, but Duir mixes it with folk for their debut EP to create something that shows great potential.

Bringing together the worlds of folk and black metal has always been a dangerous one simply because of how easy it is getting lost in trying to make the sound work in the end that you forget to make it interesting and different. Duir doesn’t seem to have much trouble with their debut as the six tracks of “Obsidio” have all the flavor, excitement, and quality that I could’ve asked for out of a debut of any kind from any band. And Duir clearly knows how to bring together the worlds of both black and folk metal seamlessly as if they’ve been doing it for a very long time. We’re treated to vocals that are pretty typical of black metal in plenty of good ways as the vocalist truly knows how to perform, and then the grand instrumentation brings out the folk metal to a glorious degree with each track becoming so flavorful and tantalizing as Duir isn’t afraid to remain confined to a voice, strings, and drums. That’s always a sign of a band with plenty of ambition to create something different than an ordinary experience, and “Obsidio” has got plenty of talent to pass around. Debuts aren’t always the best albums to hear, but Duir makes it work ridiculously well.

There are not many folk bands of any kind be it paired with black metal or not that I’m looking forward to hearing more from. Today, I add Duir to that list as their debut has grasped my attention all the way. I fully believe that “Obsidio” is a precursor to something truly entertaining, and I’m willing to give Duir so much time in order to compose something truly special because I know they’re more than capable of doing it.

LISTEN to “Obsidio” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Duir on Facebook here.


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