Skinless – Savagery

 Skinless is truly a band that shouldn’t need any sort of introduction as most everyone I’ve talked about them has heard them before. These guys have arguably allowed New York death metal acts to rise up and rival Florida for some of the tastiest American death metal we’ve ever seen, and for a while, Skinless held up their axes. But things change and Skinless returned years ago with a record that was undoubtedly tasty, but it’s this new album that shows Skinless still has vast amounts of brutality left in them with delicious metal to boot.

Just looking at the fucking cover for “Savagery” gives you everything you need to know about this nine-track brutal rollercoaster that takes you throw every single ring of hell that has ever been imagined. The first song, the title track, really sets the tone for the album as a whole as we’re greeted by the calling of death upon all that’s soon replaced by the signature vocals of Skinless. It’s all wrapped up fantastically by a hard, pulsating shell of flesh that constantly delivers one delicious slab of brutal death one right after the other. The 37-minutes that “Savagery” rages on for perfectly encompasses all that there is from rampaging guitarwork to simply infectious melodies to grooves that could turn untouched bodies into mist instantly to a legendary sense of musicianship that so many bands could only wish they had. There’s really no other way to put it by the end of “Savagery”: Skinless has created what can definitely be described as one of the best across their reputable career. It’s a smashing record that’s destined to bring even more fame and renown to the name of Skinless, and the band fucking knows they’ve got a tantalizing album on their hands, I can feel it.

Skinless is easily a band that has been a driving force for many newer deaht metal bands in recent years, and it’s always amazing to see bands like this continue to press forward with undeniable skill and talent going into their work. “Savagery” easily brings out the best from these legends, and the entirety of this record will surely be hailed as one of the greatest slabs of unrelenting brutal death metal we’ll see all year. If it isn’t, it fucking should be.

“Savagery” releases on May 11th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Savagery” on Bandcamp here.

PRE-ORDER “Savagery” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Skinless on Twitter: @SkinlessBand

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