Axios – Erased

 I’m one of those people that when I imagine something like progressive rock, I go to the extreme. I see ridiculous displays of instrumentation with a crazy display of understanding when it comes to creating surreal experiences of the highest caliber. But not all bands of the genre are such, obviously. Many bands tone down the craziness just a little and replace the crazy displays with the emotional depth that they pour into their material. Axios is something that I can’t say I’m in love with, but these guys know how to do some thoughtful prog rock and it shows in every second of their new record.

Axios isn’t exactly a well-known name for the world of prog rock, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know exactly what they’re fucking doing. The whole near-hour long experience that makes up “Erased” is a very up-and-down one as Axios isn’t afraid to make some songs emotional, some higher paced that really gets the blood flowing, and other slower that have a melancholic feel to them that know how to pluck at the heartstrings even if it’s only a little bit. But, it wouldn’t be a proper progressive album of any kind if the band in question didn’t try and bring some sick instrumentation into the mix. The question if whether or not “Erased” fits the bill perfectly is unneeded as Axios shows a definite knowledge of how to provide great works of the fretboard, delicious rhythms, and tantalizing musicianship that really allows the album to fall in place with each song one by one. Sure, “Erased” is far from an amazing album of the genre, but there’s no denying that Axios clearly has a grip on what it means to make a solid prog record from the basic construction of “Erased” itself down to the very sound.

Speculating on a band’s talent and possible future is always fun, and I firmly believe that if Axios stays on the path that they’re on they will dominate on their own little corner of the prog rock world that they can proudly call their own. “Erased” is a tasteful record from beginning to end with more than enough flavors to satisfy one’s need for progressive rock, and I’ve no doubt these guys will improve over time.

LISTEN to “Erased” on Spotify here.

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