Cosmos – Coming Home

 So many people find themselves looking towards psychedelic, classic sounding rock in order to loosen up at the end of the day. I’m no stranger to doing that at all as I love me some chill psych rock to end the day with, and I wanted some of that tastiness after coming home from work today. The world of psych rock is an ever-blooming one as there’s always something to hear, but the new record from Cosmos caught my eye by pure chance, and this bluesy record makes me feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this little treat.

There’s something about psych rock that always manages to grabs the attention of the listener. Maybe it’s the light or heavy fuzz depending on the band, the atmosphere of it all, or the riffage where just about every song can be filled with hooks from beginning to end. Literally, everything that Cosmos could’ve done right to make “Coming Home” a delicious psychedelic piece of rock was done here to amazing effect as this seven-track album is virtually flawless. The vocals a deliciously smooth, the guitars and bass are undeniably crunchy with an extremely satisfying heavy kick, the drums are hypnotic simply by nature, and the pure talent behind it all was simply scrumptious because every inch of “Coming Home” flows together more fluidly than water to really allow for a premier listening experience. I’ve heard plenty of albums similar to “Coming Home” but it’s not often that I’ve come across records of this caliber. Cosmos truly held nothing back with this record, and it shows in everything from the tantalizing sound to the sheer levels of musicianship this group pulls off.

Should you be meaning to get into the modern world of psych rock where classic influences come and go like the wind itself, Cosmos has provided an amazing record to explore that’s a great balance of everything the scene has to offer as a whole. “Coming Home” from start to finish is a trippy ride that you won’t want to leave, and by the end of it you’ll be left wanting more.

LISTEN to “Coming Home” on Bandcamp here.

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