Denim Casket – Demo

 I’ve always been the kind of guy to go for a finished product that has had the proper treatment to it. Not sure why I am that way, but I firmly believe that everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone every now and then in order to test their own limits as well as seeing what else there is. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some great shit. When I came across Denim Casket, I figured now was the time to step into unfamiliar territory for me, and what I encountered is no less than scathing to the highest degree.

Typically, I like to find out what the style of the music is for the stuff that I’m going to be hearing, but I wasn’t able to do that with this debut demo from this act out of Boise, Idaho. The closest thing I would call this is a very heavy, unforgiving, and vicious version of punk stripped of everything that one might find pleasing. The whole of this six-track, exactly eleven-minute debut simply titled “Demo” gives off one fucking hell of an impression as Denim Casket does nothing but dominate and exterminate everything in their path. Some may think what kind of guitars could bring about such devastation and that’s the fun part: there aren’t any guitars. This three piece act shows with this demo that plenty can get done with a set of drums akin to gunfire, a voice not unlike the sound of madness itself, and a pair of basses that could peel the paint off the wall with their sound alone should they desire. Denim Casket leaves no room for mercy, and that really allows this demo to excel and show us what exactly this band is made out of, and it’s nothing less than toxic.

A debut should almost always set the tone for a band’s future down the road, and if “Demo” is anything to glean from then Denim Casket is a band to not sleep on. This 11-minute slayer shows that this group clearly has the capacity to incur chaos and wield it, but I’ll have to stick around and see how properly they can guide it in the future.

LISTEN to “Demo” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Denim Casket on Facebook here.


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