Abstracter – Cinereous Incarnate

 There are simply some bands that refuse to stay quiet or even keep things the same for too long. I’ve come across countless bands that change their style over time as their debut album could be one style while later down the road they start to adapt themselves into different territory altogether, and sometimes it works phenomenally. I’ve always heard of Abstracter be an act that’s not known for letting listeners off easy with a calming experience, but it’s their upcoming record that really does it for as it combines their new sound as well as their old for a grandiose, vicious album.

Evolution as a band is always necessary if you want to be a true musician because every content creator no matter who it is wants to see themselves do the best that they can, and naturally, skill comes with experience. “Cinereous Incarnate” is Abstracter’s third full-length, and the journey thus far has really allowed the band to get a firm grasp on the situation as the whole of this record is an amalgamation of so much madness that it’s almost unprecedented in its ferocity. It mixes together so many albums that it should be illegal to attempt it because it’s always treacherous to do so as it can go wrong incredibly easily. The full 43-minutes of “Cinereous Incarnate” dares to mix together crust, black, doom, death metal, and plague-spawning strains of noise, drone, and dark ambient into an experience that’s deeper and blacker than any abyss a living man has seen. We’re gifted many slow stretches of heaviness, beautiful yet haunting chasms hewn from naught but the pure ambiance, and shown oceans of blood as the death-tainted black metal scours the very land in its wake with no remorse, and it all comes together so fucking well to allow “Cinereous Incarnate” to truly become something else. Abstracter has been honing their craft for some time now while allowing it to truly mature and become something else, and the fruits of their label truly shines with every moment of this record.

From the ground up, there’s nothing to scoff at with “Cinereous Incarnate”. It’s a vicious record in every sense of the word as Abstracter doesn’t leave a single moment without loads of hostility that truly attacks the soul itself, puts it back together, and tears it apart even more slowly than the first. Should you be someone like me who loves to bask in the unholy darkness that record’s like these excell at bringing to life, then you’ll want to dive headfirst into the bottomless trench that is “Cinereous Incarnate” and become a permanent residience of the darkness that Abstracter is the clear master over.

“Cinereous Incarnate” releases on June 8th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to previous material from Abstracter via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Abstracter on Facebook here.


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