Snowy Shaw – White Is the New Black

 A great privilege for a musician would be to play in many household name bands year after year. Imagine working not only with the likes of King Diamond but Mercyful Fate, Sabaton, Memento Mori, Elvenking, Denner/Shermann, and Kamelot along with many other. You’d think you yourself would be a household name, no? It’s a damn shame but there indeed exists a man who has become a quiet legend in the world of metal over the decades, but he’s decided to end that silence. The brilliant musician and metal architect knew as Snowy Shaw has long been a driving force to many staple bands of metal, but now his solo record is priming itself to unleash itself upon the world. And holy fuck is it a wild ride!

 Going into any record, I always desire a certain amount of diversity amongst the tracks. No one wants seven different tracks that all sound the fucking same because that shit gets really boring really quick. Thankfully, Snowy Shaw isn’t just an impeccable instrumentalist but he knows damn well how to craft an album that doesn’t know how to just get your attention but also keep it. There are a notable twelve tracks featured on “White Is the New Black”, and they are literally all unique in their own ways. That’s something that not many can pull off well, but this record does it splendidly as each song is a brand new experience. You want sexy gang vocals? Tune into “March of the Black Dwarves”. Craving a slightly cheesy but still metal as fuck Christmas song? Blast “Krampus”. Desire a true display of guitar mastery? Check out “Nachtgeist”. In every capacity, “White Is the New Black” is a compelling album that always keeps you guessing as to what’s coming next, but it’s so much more than that.

There’s no other way to put it: “White Is the New Black” is finally the opportunity for Snowy Shaw to step out as the main act instead of just the guitars, vocals, bass, or drums. He is finally able to take the reins and steer his own vehicle the direction that he wants to go whilst playing what he wants to play. And you can really hear that passion and drive in every piece that makes up “White Is the New Black”. All twelve tracks show a true passion and desire to create entrancing heavy metal the likes of which I haven’t seen since Denner/Shermann (which Snowy Shaw is part of) and since Manowar before that! We truly don’t get epics like this that are well-rounded and performed with an electric personality, but “White Is the New Black” is a damn near perfect response to the lack of such albums and Snowy Shaw is the perfect artist to bring it to life.

No stone is left unturned here as Snowy Shaw really manages to cover the entire board of what a heavy metal album can and should be while managing to execute it with the immaculate fashion of a master whose been in the business for decades. From start to finish there is no denying the mastery behind “White Is the New Black” and I’ve no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this man will become one of the new icons of modern heavy metal as he plans to record new albums based around each song of this debut. That’s something to get excited for, and I’m already fucking throwing money at my computer screen for that shit and I suggest you do the same. There’s no way around it – the new king has come, baby.

“White Is the New Black” releases soon!

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